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FWN disrupts for a better world (Part 1)

Launching of Disrupt 3.0

MARILY Mondejar, founder and CEO of the Filipina Women’s Network (FWN), proudly proclaims, “I am a Filipina Disrupter, leading my community without any doubt of my capacity to achieve results.”

Marily Mondejar

The leadership book series is not just about leadership successes of individuals but also a call to action to celebrate and expand the global leadership of Filipina women.

Mondejar indicates that “the themes that the authors have written are about developing leadership, building leadership legacy, innovation, social entrepreneurship, exceeding expectations, leading for impact, and giving back.”

FWN is a US based non-profit, non-partisan global advocacy organization that seeks to increase the power and influence of Filipina women as leaders and policymakers at all levels in corporate, government, and other institutions to achieve economic and social justice and women’s rights.

With members in 28 countries, FWN provides the content, credibility and a worldwide network to support the success of Filipina women in their businesses and careers.

FWN convenes programs and activities that enhance public perceptions of Filipina women’s capacities to lead and to build the Filipina community’s pipeline of qualified leaders, to increase the odds that some Filipina women will rise to the “president” position in all sectors worldwide.

Susie Quesada

“FWN is about the sisterhood, the dialogue, and the impact,” emphasizes Susie Quesada, president of FWN. As a sisterhood, “we go through a transformation together.” During the annual leadership summits, “we dialogue about issues that are relevant for our members,” and we celebrate our collective impact “by asking all our members to share how their company or organization is supporting any of the 17 sustainable development goals.”

To share the FWN leadership journeys and to inspire each other and other women around the world, FWN launched the leadership book series in 2014.

Mondejar explains that “The Filipina Women Leadership Book Series project aims to fill the gap in the leadership literature that highlights the unique qualities of Filipina women whose culture, values, and faith make them effective leaders and managers. The leadership book series chronicles Filipina women’s leadership skill sets, capabilities, and expertise and how we contribute as active participants in the global workplace.”

The DISRUPT leadership series is a crucial component of FWN’s game plan to elevate the presence and participation of Filipina women in the public and private sectors.

FWN Disrupt books

FWN launched DISRUPT. Filipina Women: Proud. Loud. Leading without a Doubt at the leadership summit in Manila in 2014, followed by DISRUPT 2.0. Filipina Women: Daring to Lead launched in Cebu and Manila in 2016.

“Both books started the process of identifying the leadership repertoire of Filipina women leaders,” writes Maria Beebe, the editor of the books, elaborating that “each author of a chapter in DISRUPT 1.0 identified their tips for leadership while authors in DISRUPT 2.0 focused on the leadership competencies that they have mastered over time.”

DISRUPT 3.0. Filipina Women: Rising celebrates Filipina women who have emerged as global leaders despite challenges, failures, and setbacks.

Filipina women discuss their actions that led to success, the significance of their success, and the implications of their leadership for their kapwa tao. The books are available at on.ffwn.org/DISRUPT.

At the leadership summit in London, FWN launched DISRUPT 3.0. Filipina Women: Rising at the House of Lords, Westminster Palace in London on September 13, 2018. It was a fortuitous time as the UK Houses of Parliament were celebrating 100 years since Parliament passed a law that allowed some women, and all men, to vote for the first time with an exhibition about “Voice and Vote: Women’s Place in Parliament.”

Following that initial launch of DISRUPT 3.0, FWN kicks-off 2019 with several book readings, leadership discussions, and one-on-one conversations with authors to introduce the leadership books.

Members of FWN during the FWN Summit Awards night.

Meet the authors in Cebu, Davao, Makati, Baguio, Singapore, New Jersey, New York, San Francisco, Switzerland, Italy, London, Norway, Dubai, among some of the places where Filipinas live and work. Follow us at https://filipinawomensnetwork.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/FilipinaWomensNetwork/.

With FWN goals and objectives aligned with International Women’s day, the planned events highlight the work of FWN and FWN members towards 2019 #BalanceforBetter campaign.

FWN Filipina Women Leaders have been disrupting, leading, and rising for a gender-balanced world in the boardroom, in government, in the workplace, and media and social media coverage. FWN members disrupt. Lead. Rise. To achieve gender-balance of the sustainable development goals.


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