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DISRUPTing AIM (Part 4)

Asian Institute of Management (AIM)

ON February 7, the Zuellig School of Development Management at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and the Filipina Women’s Network hosted a Dev@Work Session on DISRUPT 3.0. Filipina Women: Rising, which celebrates Filipina women who have emerged as global leaders despite challenges, failures, and setbacks. In this book, a significant number of Filipina women discuss their actions that led to success, the significance of their success, and the implications of their leadership for their kapwa tao [fellow humans].

Prof. Nieves Confesor provides a synthesis of the event.

Ellenette B. Maamo, program manager, Master in Development Management, and her team, under the guidance of Nieves Confesor, associate professor, Department of Leadership and People Management, and Dr. Kenneth Y. Hartigan-Go, associate professor, Department of Strategic Management and head, Stephen Zuellig School of Development Management made the event possible.

Authors with Dr. Kenneth Y. Hartigan-Go

The Filipina Women Leaders demonstrated a global mindset that is a critical aspect of being able to lead globally. In the book introduction, Maria Beebe (US FWN100(tm) 2011 and Global FWN100(tm) 2013), the book editor shared that these Filipina women leaders show cognitive complexity, global business savvy, cosmopolitanism, passion for diversity, eagerness for adventure, self-assurance, empathy, interpersonal impact, and diplomatic skills, among other leadership characteristics.

Maria Beebe, DISRUPT editor
Georgitta Puyat rising to the FWN challenge.

Georgitta “Beng” Puyat Global (FWN100(tm) 2017) wrote in “Rising to the FWN Challenge” that all the service and advocacy projects have helped hundreds of women and girls, through the tough times and the good. She shared that these amazing experiences shaped her as a person and that her family had supported her through the years. She reminded everyone that what we do is worthwhile and sometimes we all need to remember “that the work we do is indeed great.”

FWN authors, members, and friends.

Filipina Women Leaders, Mylene Abiva (FWN100(tm) GLOBAL 2016), Sandy Montano (FWN100(tm) GLOBAL 2016), Nikki Tang (FWN100(tm) GLOBAL 2017) discussed the challenges of entrepreneurship, the link between being entrepreneurial and being a leader, and the impact of their social advocacies intertwined with their enterprises.

Maria Rosa “Bing” Carrion(FWN100(tm) GLOBAL 2016), Dr. Jennifer Jose ((FWN100(tm) GLOBAL 2017), Leonor Vintervoll (FWN100(tm) GLOBAL 2016) discussed their journey of exceeding expectations, disrupting the status quo, and breaking the glass ceiling to become first and foremost in their fields.

Authors and readers with AIM Dev@Work
AIM Dev@Work Masters students

Myrna Yao (FWN100(tm) GLOBAL 2016), Emma Imperial (FWN100(tm) GLOBAL 2013), Dina Dela Paz Stalder (FWN100(tm) GLOBAL 2017), discussed their leadership reach and impact not only in their professional fields but also in their advocacies.

Lirio Covey (FWN100(tm) GLOBAL 2013) read her letter to a young Filipina reminding everyone that color is skin deep. Moreover, Lirio continued: “Achievement is rooted beneath the surface of color. Its composition is some talent, a modicum of luck, and, predominantly, hard work. So dream, young friend, then work it. Let it happen. Those university halls are waiting for you.”

Emcees Badz Luminario and Bai Ingrid-Sinsuat

Badz Luminario, a masters student at AIM and who is a gender and development specialist at the Philippine Department of National Defense, acted as one of the emcees at the event. Badz commented about how blessed she was to learn about DISRUPT. “I felt deeply empowered to meet femtors who stood their ground and live out their passion despite the fears, challenges, and pain.” Moreover, she implored the authors and the AIM participants to:

  • Continue to DISRUPT so that more young Filipina women will realize the value of their dreams as well as the worth of their being.
  • Continue to DISRUPT for both young and old Filipina women to have the courage to eliminate anything that CORRUPTS.
  • Continue to DISRUPT to deter anyone who wants to INTERRUPT in Filipina women’s journey to rise.
  • Continue to DISRUPT for ABRUPT changes are much awaited by all global Filipina women.
Authors thank the AIM participants

Mark your calendars. Join FWN at the following events:

March 2 — DISRUPTing Singapore

March 4 — DISRUPTing New York at NY Philippine Center

March 8 — DISRUPTing San Francisco at Google

March 19 — DISRUPTing Gender and Leadership at Gonzaga University


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