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DISRUPTing a New Year celebration (Part 2)

Strategic placement

GLOBAL FWN100 Most Influential Filipinas based in the Philippines celebrated a New Year, highlighted by a DISRUPT 3.0 and DISRUPT 2.0 book reading at Chef Jessie’s at Rockwell on January 28.

Chef Jessie (DISRUPT 2.0), Dina dela Paz, Cristina Calaguian, Georgitta “Beng” Puyat, Dr. Catherine Teh, and Bing Carrion (DISRUPT 3.0)

More than 35 Global FWN100 Most Influential Filipinas in the World awardees immersed themselves by getting to know more about each other. The women shared the wonderful cuisine prepared by 2014 and 2016 Global FWN100™ Awardee Chef Jessie Sincioco and proud Papal Chef. Stories about their life journeys featured in DISRUPT 3.0. Filipina Women: Rising and DISRUPT 2.0. Filipina Women: Daring to Lead were read.

Philippine-based FWN members and their strategic posing.

The night’s affair was filled with warmth because of the enthusiasm of all the FWN awardees, all of whom shared a common heritage of being a global Filipina that binds FWN from all around the world. The first Philippine DISRUPT Book reading in 2019 received many positive reviews; one that stands out as refreshing as they listened to the stories about
the challenges and accomplishments from the featured FWN DISRUPT book authors.

The DISRUPT 3.0 Filipina Women: Rising authors read excerpts from their chapters: “Rising to the FWN Challenge” in FWN Rising by FWN Board Member Georgitta Pimentel-Puyat (Global FWN100™ 2017); “Filipina Champion of the Geeks” in Leadership and Entrepreneurship by Mylene Romualdez-Abiva (Global FWN100™ 2016); “The Road to My Ikigai” by Cristina Calaguian who was visiting from Dubai, UAE (Global FWN100™ 2017); and “What Makes an Effective Leader” in Being First and Foremost by Bing Carrion (Global FWN100™ 2016).

“Turning Struggles into Strengths” by Dr. Catherine Teh (Global FWN100™ 2017), and “Blow. Fall. Bounce” by Dina Dela Paz-Stadler (Global FWN100™ 2016) in Building Leadership Legacy included responses from their daughters about leadership values and qualities learned from their moms.

Georgitta “Beng” Puyat with Papal Chef, Jessie Sincioco.

Also sharing from the DISRUPT 2.0: Filipina Women: Daring to Lead is the multi-awarded Chef and Restaurateur Chef Jessie Sincioco (Global FWN100™ 2014 and 2016) who said “Yes” to God’s will.

The books are available at on.ffwn.org/DISRUPT.

Dr. Carol Enriquez welcomes the new year with FWN members and book authors.

The celebration and DISRUPT book reading that night is a validation of the commitment in support of FWN goals and objectives by FWN Board Members Georgitta Puyat (Global FWN100™ 2017) and Caroline Enriquez, Ph.D. (Global FWN100™ 2017). Together with the well-organized program event by Majella Tumangan-Villaroman (Global FWN100™ 2018) with onsite support from Bing Carrion (Global FWN100™ 2016), Mitzi Piad (Global FWN100™ 2018), and Faye Corcuera (Global FWN100™ 2017), the night serves as a reminder that sisterhood through FWN creates meaningful experiences and that the disruptive leadership we all do to improve our world is worth celebrating. (Contributed by Majella Tumangan-Villaroman (Global FWN100™ 2018)


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