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DISRUPTing Davao (Part 3)

Joji Ilagan International School hosts book reading with student leaders.

Ms. Joji Bian, Filipina Women’s Network (FWN) FWN100(tm) GLOBAL 2017, arranged a DISRUPTing Davao event on February 4. In addition to the Joji Ilagan International Schools, also known as JIB International Schools, the University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC) and Ateneo de Davao hosted book readings, leadership conversations, and one-on-one meetings with four authors of DISRUPT 3.0. Filipina Women: Rising.

Joji Ilagan reads her story.

All three schools share a view of a globalized world, globalized society, and global recognition and could relate to the statement by Pless, Maak, & Stahl (2011) in the introduction that global leaders “value transparency, authenticity, collaboration, action, and integrity” and work closely with individuals of various cultures and backgrounds.

Maria Beebe, editor of DISRUPT 3.0

The editor, Dr. Maria Beebe (US FWN100(tm) 2011 and Global FWN100(tm) 2013), is chair of FWN, president of Global Networks, and co-founder of TechWomen.Asia, a social enterprise about enhancing skills, launching startups, creating employment, and transforming communities.

Maria discussed the conceptual framework of the book, including leadership and global leadership, Filipina leadership, the socio-cultural context of Filipina leadership, including migration and diaspora experience of Filipinas in the world, and the DISRUPT3.0 Book Organization. The book is available on.ffwn.org/DISRUPT.

Georgitta Puyat reads her “The Life of Volunteerism”

First and foremost, Ms. Georgitta “Beng” Puyat, Global (FWN100(tm) 2017), writes in “Volunteerism: A Life’s Journey,” “I am the wife of a wonderful man, a mother to four sons and a daughter, mother-in-law to three daughters-in-law, and a grandmother to three precious grandchildren.”

Beng is the co-founder and chairman of the Philippine Orchard Corporation, whose mission is to help marginalized farmers improve their economic status through the introduction of innovative products that promote quality and sustainability. Beng is a member of various socio-civic organizations that aim to educate, enrich, and most importantly, empower. She owns her leadership by saying: “I am a leader who thrives on hard work and inspires others to use the best of their abilities. And most importantly, I am a lifetime Volunteer who selflessly gives her time, talent, and resources to charitable and community-based activities.”

Author Mylene Abiva reads her own inspirational story.

Ms. Mylene Abiva (FWN100(tm) GLOBAL 2016) is a mother, a model entrepreneur, a mountain climber, and a master in multi-tasking. Mylene is president/CEO of FELTA Multi-Media Inc., a 50-year-old company that provides innovative instructional materials and educational devices for school technology. Mylene is an organizer of the Philippine Robotics Olympiad. Among other volunteer activities, Mylene has been a Go Negosyo pioneer mentor since 2005 for her expertise in marketing. In her chapter, “Filipina Champion of the Geeks,” she shares how she made the “I am possible” into a reality by becoming an over-achiever, building a sustainable family business that includes a succession planning and multiplying leadership.

Joji, herself a DISRUPT chapter author, is chairwoman of the Joji Ilagan Bian (JIB) International Schools and Six Eleven Global Services, president of the Council of Hospitality Educators of the Philippines, country director and treasurer of the Asia Pacific Council of Hotel Educators, and honorary consul for Bangladesh. In her chapter “Dreaming Big, Giving the Best,” Joji indicated she knew she was going to build her school by age 18. “I knew exactly that I wanted my school to be small and exclusive; and, distinct from the big universities and colleges.” “What I did NOT know at that point was exactly how I was going to do it and when it would materialize.”

Book reading at the Ateneo de Davao University
Book reading at the Ateneo de Davao University
Book reading at UIC

She started with one small classroom in an old beat up building that three decades later became the Joji Ilagan International Schools network. Her latest venture is the first international American school in Davao and will allow the Joji Ilagan International Schools network to offer education at all levels of education from primary to graduate degrees.

The FWN authors

Audience reaction is best summed up by Ana Flor V. Cerbo, Supreme Student Government president of the University of Immaculate Conception. “This session is an eye-opener to us women that we can do great things, just like these beautiful ladies in front of us. We can be as great as they are now and we can achieve what they have achieved. With a strong heart and passion for being a leader, everything is possible. As a leader of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) of UIC, I was so thankful to be part of this session. Somehow, it empowers me, because for the past six years, all SSG president were men, and now here I am your SSG president, a woman. I want to thank the speakers for the inspirational stories, I can relate to their stories, and upon listening to them, I wished that I could be one of them soon. I hope that they will continue to inspire others and give words of wisdom to the potential leaders in our generation. Thank you for empowering women and thank you for choosing our school to conduct this wonderful event. The knowledge you shared will be forever treasured. To the teachers, administrators and staff who made this activity possible, thank you so much and also for the participants, thank you for coming. Again, as one of the authors said, ‘anyone can be a volunteer or a leader.’ Get out of your shell and also create other leaders.”


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