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Art and Design Pieces Auction for a Cause 2020

Hosted by Breaking Silence Movement and Maryang Pinay of Europe, Ms. Pamela Gotangco.

BREAKING Silence Movement is a non-profit organization based in Paris, France, that fights against domestic and sexual violence, including rape, online, and child trafficking. It first started in Manila, Philippines, and now extends to different parts of the globe. Every year, a Christmas Fundraising Project called “Project Papillon” (Butterfly in French) benefits the survivors and victims. The project aims to celebrate the strength and bravery of survivors through the spirit of Christmas, a season of giving.

Due to the pandemic crisis, Project Papillon created an online crowdfunding opportunity in solidarity with creative advocates, especially the Filipino artists abroad who believe in the same purpose. Hence, Adpac 2020 (Art and Design Pieces Auction for a Cause) was born.

Ms. Pamela Gotangco, dubbed as the “Maryang Pinay of Europe” and awarded as one of FWN 100 Most Influential Woman in 2018, worked closely with the Breaking Silence Movement Founder, Ms. Kyra Luthi. The two empowered women gathered many artworks and design pieces made by distinguished and upcoming artists from different parts of the world.

FWN 100 Most Influential 2013 awardee Lenore Lim, a multi-awarded printmaker, and FWN 100 Most Influential 2019 awardee Anna Sobrepena, a visual story-teller, both supported FWN sister Pamela Gotangco in this charitable cause.

The Adpac 2020, true to its name, offers various types of art and design pieces that range even to fashion. With around 50 art pieces, this may yet be the biggest online auction for a cause to date, with artists from France, Switzerland, Austria, the USA, Canada, and of course, the Philippines. With seven million children raped and sexually abused annually and the coronavirus amplifying the situation, the unity in sharing Christmas spirit this year is even more critical. The creatives fully support a worthy and great cause.

The bidding will be held on the Facebook page of Adpac (@adpacparis) from December 5 to 15, 2020. Adpac will create a specific album for anyone, and comment sections are only for bidders. For privacy purposes, Adpac will consider messages. Initially, bidders can only bid on artwork from the same country as theirs; however, if they are willing to cover the shipping fee, they are free to bid on it as well. Adpac will sell each piece to the highest bidder, and all transactions from then on will happen privately.

Should Adpac garner more than P1,000,000 or around EU 20,000, as per agreement with Breaking Silence Movement, Adpac shall allocate a portion of the funds to open a scholarship grant for all underprivileged students at the beginning of next school year.

As a result of the successful collaboration, Adpac will continue its purpose, assuming that the pandemic crisis will be over in 2021, once or twice every year physically, in a notable location in Paris, France.

Adpac 2020 lineup:

  • Franklin Cana Valencia – Philippines
  • TP Hardisty – Switzerland
  • Vaida Mikliusiene – Switzerland
  • Claud Meli – Switzerland
  • Oliver Tolentino – USA and Philippines
  • Gudrun Salaberger Plakolb – Switzerland
  • Dominique Gotangco Boyer – France
  • Tommy Aquino – Austria
  • Allysa Heuze – France and Philippines
  • Angela Barbiero Besse – Switzerland
  • Julia Syn – France
  • Doy Kastilyo – Philippines
  • Lara Latosa – Philippines
  • Matthew Sharp – Switzerland
  • Carl Ongchangco – Philippines
  • YelCast in collaboration with Aerine Perez – Philippines
  • Amador B. Inlayo – Philippines
  • Charles O. Job – Switzerland
  • Miki Buckland – Switzerland
  • Megan Rodgers – Switzerland
  • August Lyle Espino – Philippines
  • Maan De Loyola – Philippines
  • Miko Tiu-Laurel – USA and Philippines
  • Elie Quial – Philippines
  • Nanette Miloda – Philippines
  • Danvic Briones – Canada
  • Anna Sobrepena – Philippines
  • Ovvian Castrillo-Hill – Canada
  • Allison Tisdale Regnier – France and Germany
  • Ito Kish – Philippines
  • Marz Aglipay – Philippines
  • Vsevolod Mironov – Switzerland
  • Lenore RS Lim – USA
  • Renee Salud – Philippines
  • Jun Tiongco courtesy of a private collector Armando Giron from the Philippines
  • Prof. Carlito Camahalan Amalla – Philippines
  • Pamela Gotangco – Switzerland and Philippines

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