Pinay Entrepreneurship Speaker Series continues weekly since April 2020 – Filipino Abroad

Pinay Entrepreneurship Speaker Series continues weekly since April 2020

By Marily Mondejar

THE current global pandemic has had a severe economic impact on small businesses. To help Filipina women business owners, FWN created the Entrepreneur Speaker Series to provide actionable and innovative ideas on how small businesses can transform existing business models to survive and thrive during these difficult economic times and how pivot to the new business normal for the better.

Speakers are business owners from start-ups (1-5 years) to mature businesses (over 10 years) representing a variety of industries e.g. restaurant, technology, animation, food manufacturing, agriculture, product manufacturing, beauty and fashion, services in home design, brand management and legal. Speakers have been asked to format their presentations based on the Weisbord Diagnostic business model to make it easier for participants to understand the speaker’s business operations.

Business coaching and femtoring are available by matching entrepreneurs who need help on transforming their business by re-developing business plans, re-thinking operations including how to leverage available grants and loans with business owners who have the expertise.

The sessions are grouped under the 4 Options of Entrepreneurship:

  • Starting a Practice
  • Purchasing a Franchise
  • Purchasing an Existing Business
  • Starting a Business from Scratch

Online Zoom Meetings scheduled weekly on Fridays (Saturdays in Asia, Europe and UAE)

Check your time zones according to speaker schedule:

  • San Francisco / Vancouver 3-5 p.m., Friday
  • Chicago 5-7 p.m., Friday
  • New York / Toronto 6-8 p.m., Friday
  • Manila 6-8 a.m. (next day Saturday)
  • Japan 7-9 a.m. (next day Saturday)
  • London 11 p.m. (Friday) – 1 a.m. (next day Saturday)
  • Switzerland / Norway / Austria 12-2 a.m. (next day Saturday)
  • UAE Dubai 2-4 a.m. (next day Saturday)

Register now:

  • Non-Members: Register at
  • FWN Members: COMPLIMENTARY. Register to receive your personal Zoom Meeting Link and Password:


* ALL SESSIONS: “4 Options of Entrepreneurship”:

[] Marily Mondejar, CEO, Filipina Women’s Network

* Session #1 April 24/April 25 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] Starting a Practice and a Business from Scratch: Kristen Brillantes, Co-Founder & CEO, The Sarap Shop (USA) Global FWN100(tm)2019

* Session #2 May 1/May 2 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] Shifting My Business Focus: Cola Paclibar, Founder/Director, GVOM Limited (Hong Kong and Australia) Global FWN100(tm)2019

* Session #3 May 8/May 9 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] Necessity is the mother of all Innovation: Creating a business during and post Covid-19: Charlene Consolacion, Founder and CEO, Biig (USA) Global FWN100(tm)2019

[] Adjusting your business in the new Normal: Marla Rausch, CEO, Animation Vertigo (USA and Philippines)

* Session #4 May 15/ May 16 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] Entrepreneurial Journeys of 2 Mature Businesses:

  • Charina Palomares Garcia, Esq., Partner, Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP (USA) Global FWN100(tm)2019
  • Nana Luz, Founder and CEO, Softype Inc. (USA, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines) US FWN100(tm)2009

* Session #5 May 22/May 23 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] Make Me A Filipina Millionaire. Where’s the money?

  • Equity Financing – Friends & Family, Angel, VC: Marylou Garcia, Managing Director, Expense Reduction Analysts and Angel Investor (USA) Global FWN100(tm)2016
  • Debt Financing – Loans, SBA, qualifications: Wells Fargo Rachelle Cayanan, VP and Commercial Banker of Wells Fargo

* Session #6 May 29/May 30 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] Purchasing or Selling a Franchise: Sherill Quintana, Founder & CEO, Oryspa Spa Solutions, Inc. (PHILIPPINES) Global FWN100(tm)2018

[] Starting and Growing a Multi-awarded Law Practice: Lorna Kapunan, Esq., Founding Partner, Kapunan& Castillo Law Offices (PHILIPPINES) Global FWN100(tm)2016

* Session #7 June 5/June 6 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] Starting a Design Practice: Vina Lustado, Founder of Sol Haus Design (USA) Global FWN100(tm)2015

[] Managing a Family Business: Georgitta Puyat, Chairman, Philippine Orchard Corporation (PHILIPPINES) (invited) US FWN100(tm)2017

* Session #8 June 12/June 13 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] Growing a Family Business: Susie Quesada, President, Ramar Foods International (USA, worldwide) (invited) US FWN100(tm)2007

* Session #9 June 19/June 20 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] Managing Risks for Small Businesses

  • Benel Se-Liban, CPA, Managing Partner, JBC Group (USA) US FWN100(tm)2011
  • Maria Fides Balita, Partner, CPA, Adelfia LLC (USA) Global FWN100(tm)2019

* Session #10 June 26/June 27 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[]Starting a Business from an Idea: Christen Montero, Chief Marketing Officer, Blue (USA) Global FWN100(tm)2018

[] Nurturing my Passion for Art is my Business: Pam Gotangco, Visual Artist (SWITZERLAND) Global FWN100(tm)2018

* Session #11 July 3/July 4 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] Dreaming Big: Joji Ilagan Bian, Chair, Joji Ilagan International Schools (PHILIPPINES) Global FWN100(tm)2017

[] Running a Real Estate Business: Joan Laguatan, Owner/Broker, Canvass Properties (USA)

* Session #12 July 10/July 11 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] “Achieving 100 Business Areas Worldwide: MILLENNIAL PERSPECTIVES IN THE BOARDROOM”: Mica F. Tan, Chief Executive Officer, MFT Group (PHILIPPINES HONG KONG SINGAPORE USA) Global FWN100(tm)2019

[] “Kaisipan: A Social Impact Challenge”: Dr. Maria Beebe, President, Kaisipan (USA) US FWN100(tm) 2011, Global FWN100(tm) 2013, Global FWN100(tm) Continuing Influential 2018

* Session #13 July 17/July 18 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] How I Became An Online Influencer: Nina Carpio, Online Influencer via “Smile Like Nina” and “Morena” Series (DUBAI, UAE) Global FWN100(tm)2019

[] From Rock Band Star to Fashion Brand: Angie Adams, Owner/Director, Question Everything Ltd. (LONDON, UK) Global FWN100(tm)2018

* Session #14 July 24/July 25 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] “Pivoting the Media Business: From print to digital media”: Gina Atienza, President, SunStar Management Inc (PHILIPPINES) Global FWN100(tm) 2016

[] “The Uniqueness of Running a Money Remittance Business in Japan”: Isabelita Manalastas, President & Representative Director, Speed Money Transfer Japan (JAPAN) Global FWN100(tm) 2013

* Session #15: July 31/Aug 1 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] “Filipino Cuisine Making it in London”: Rowena Romulo, Restaurateur, Romulo Restaurant Group UK Limited (LONDON, UK) Global FWN100(tm)(tm)2017, Face of Global Pinay Power 2017

* Session #16: Aug 7/Aug 8 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] “Sunshine Farms”: Rhodora Palomar-Fresnedi, President & CEO, Sunshine Farm Philippines (PHILIPPINES) Global FWN100(tm)2019

[] “From Single Mom to Titas of Manila: Living the Dream. Owning Your Business”: Charina Vergara, Owner, Titas of Manila Filipino Kitchen (USA) Global FWN100(tm)2016

* Session #17: Aug 8/ Aug 9 (Asia, Europe and UAE) Additional NEW DATE:

[] “Where in the World is Kharissa?”: Kharissa Fernando Smith, software engineer, travel blogger, and new business entrepreneur (MEXICO) Global FWN100(tm)2015

[] “Pivoting the Media Business: From print to digital media”: Gina Atienza, President, SunStar Management Inc (PHILIPPINES) Global FWN100(tm) 2016


* Session #18: Aug 14/Aug 15 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] “Lightning In a Bottle: The Power of Media to Change Minds”: Alexandra Cuerdo, Producer, Director, Writer, Kidlat Entertainment (USA) Global FWN100(tm)2018

* Session #19: Aug 21/Aug 22 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] “Innovation for Business Sustainability”: Mylene Abiva, President/CEO, FELTA Multi-Media, Inc. (PHILIPPINES) Global FWN100(tm) 2016

* Session #20 August 28/August 29 (Asia):

[] “Decisions, Decisions”: Michelle Florendo, Decision Engineer and Coach What If You Could, LLC (USA) Global FWN100(tm)2015

* Session #21: Sept 4/Sept 5 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] “2 Business Cultures: Doing Business in the US vs Doing Business in the Philippines”: Lilia Villanueva, President & COO, Marosvill Development Corporation (USA and PHILIPPINES) US FWN100(tm)2007

[] “The Dynamics of Teaching English to Immigrants”: Nova Fossgard, Director, Purley Language College (UNITED KINGDOM) Global FWN100(tm)? 2018

* Session #22: Sept 18/Sept 19 (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] “Challenges and Wins in Establishing a Law Practice in the UK”: Crystal Dias, LLB(HONS), Partner, Dias Solicitors (UNITED KINGDOM) Global FWN100(tm) 2018

[] Successful Business Partnerships”: Andreliz Bautista McGlade, President / Founding Partner, Pharmacopia, Inc. (USA)

* Session #23: Sept 25/Sept 26: (Asia, Europe and UAE):

[] “DeathCare: caring for the dead is just as crucial and important as attending to the living”: Mildred Vitangcol, Chair of the Board, St. Peter Life Plan Inc. (PHILIPPINES) Global FWN100(tm) 2019

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