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2019 January-June milestones in the life of FWN members

AMBASSADOR Delia Domingo Albert (Global FWN100(tm) 2014) — Conferment of The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star in recognition of her contribution to the strengthening of economic relations between Japan and the Philippines by the Government of Japan.

Ambassador Delia Albert

Emma Imperial (Imperial Homes Corporation) (Global FWN100(tm) 2015) — Received the very first IFC Edge Certification in the Philippines for Green Building Projects worldwide, encouraging all market players to contribute in climate change mitigation effort.

AWEN awardees Cynthia Mamon and Emma Imperial

Emma Imperial (Global FWN100(tm) 2015) and Cynthia Romero Mamon (Global FWN100(tm) 2016) — 2019 Asean Women Entrepreneur Network (Awen) award to 10 Outstanding Filipina Women Leaders given by Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha Mahidol of Thailand.

Emma Imperial

Joji Ilagan Bian (Global FWN100(tm) 2017) — Awarded the 2019 Australian Excellence Award given by the Australian embassy for her contribution in uplifting the TVET sector.

Joji Ilagan Bian

Juslyn Manalo (Global FWN100(tm) 2015 &2018) — 2019 Alumna of the Year from San Francisco State University’s Department of Asian American Studies.

Lenore R.S. Lim (Global FWN100(tm) 2009) — Pan Asian Recognition Award given by Recognition Gala of the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society.

Maria Ressa (Global FWN100(tm) 2014) — Received the 2019 Columbia Journalism Award for her “singular journalistic performance in the public interest.”

Mylene Abiva (Global FWN100(tm) 2016) — As First Robotics affiliate in the Philippines, Felta MultiMedia will implement Star Wars: Force for Change launched by the Walt Disney Company.

Mylene Abiva

Sandy Montano (Global FWN100(tm) 2016) — Sworn in as Science and Health Sector Commissioner for Philippine Commission on Women presided by President Rodrigo Duterte in Malacañang Palace.

Sandy Montano

Suzie Moya Benitez (Global FWN100(tm) 2013) — Filipino folk-dance group Bayanihan won the Tempiod’Oro or the Gold Temple Award for the third time during the 60th International Folklore Festival at Agrigento, Italy.

Thelma Boac (Global FWN100(tm) 2009) — One of the five individuals recognized in celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month during the Town Hall event of US Congressman Ro Khanna in Santa Clara, CA.

Wilma “Amy” Eisma (Global FWN100(tm) 2017) — 2019 CSR Leadership Award from World CSR Day presented by Dr R L Bhatia, Founder, World CSR Day & World Sustainability.

Amy Eisma receives two awards

Wilma “Amy” Eisma (Global FWN100(tm) 2017), Dr. Caroline Santos Enriquez (Global FWN100(tm) 2016), Pamela Gotangco Hupp (Global FWN100(tm) 2018), and Sherill Quintana (Global FWN100(tm) 2018) — 2019 Philippines Women Leaders given by Dr. R L Bhatia, founder, World CSR Day & World Sustainability.

Georgitta Puyat, Amy Eisma, and Pamela Gotangco Hupp
Dr. Carol Enriquez, Sherrill Quintana, Georgitta Puyat, and Pamela Gotangco Hupp

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