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DISRUPTing New York (Part 6)

Consul General Claro S. Cristobal welcomes the disruptors.

THE Philippine Consulate General in New York hosted the Filipina Women’s Network DISRUPTing New York book reading, leadership conversation, and interactions with DISRUPT authors on March 4, 2019.

Ambassador Claro Suarez Cristobal, a career diplomat with the rank of Chief of Mission I, disrupted the event by ceding his remarks to Vice Consul Tanya Faye Ramiro, who was deeply touched by the gesture.

Vice-Consul Tanya Faye Ramiro celebrates disruptive

Tanya’s first diplomatic posting is New York City.

“A bittersweet posting for Vice Consul Tanya Faye Ramiro,” wrote Cristina DC Pastor in the FilAm.net.

In the same article, Pastor indicated: that Tanya used to visit her mother Gloria Jean Ramiro, who worked as a private chef for a wealthy family in NYC; that during those visits, Tanya’s mother would point out the Consulate building as the Malacanan in America; and, that a year before Tanya was sworn in as a diplomat, her mother was hit by a car as she crossed Third Avenue at 81st Street.

Trying to contain her tears, Tanya welcomed everyone with, “And what better to way to celebrate ‘International Women’s Day’ than to DISRUPT the status quo!”

Consul General Claros S. Cristobal disrupts by giving
DISRUPT 3.0 to Tanya

Stating that “disruption and leadership are mutually inclusive,” Tanya cited several great Filipina disruptors, women who both challenged and debunked negative stereotypes.

“Corazon Aquino, who from being a homemaker, became the first female President of the Philippines.”

“Dr. Fe del Mundo, the Filipino pediatrician who was the first woman to be admitted to Harvard Medical School.”

“Socorro Ramos who founded the country’s ubiquitous bookstore, National Bookstore.”

“Former Senator Jamby Madrigal, the principal author of RA 9710 or the Magna Carta of Women, the law which bans discrimination against women, and recognizes and protects their rights.”

And, Representative Geraldine Roman of Bataan elected as the very first transgendered woman in the Philippines Congress during the May 2016 elections.

Consul General Claro S. Cristobal and Marily Mondejar,
FWN Founder and CEO.
Consul General Claro S. Cristobal disrupts DISRUPTing
New York.

Marily Mondejar, founder and CEO of the Filipina Women’s Network (FWN), shared a couple of videos about FWN and highlighted the three events that shaped the direction of FWN, and thanked Gina Caminito, Lita Abele, Myrna Young, and Rebecca Murry for being friend sponsors and Delle Sering’s Seven Seven for being the New York sponsor.

Maria Beebe, Ph.D., president of Global Networks, (US FWN100(tm)2011, Global FWN100(tm)2013), introduced the leadership book series and read D3.0: “Introduction.”

Disruptors and friends at the Philippine Center in NYC
FWN DISRUPTors. Authors. Hydra Mendoza. Marily Mondejar.
Loida Nicolas Lewis. Maria Beebe. Myrna Young. Natalie
Huni. Joanne Michelle Ocampo. Rebcaa Murry. Lirio Covey.
Lita Abele

Nathalie Huni, executive creative director of Grey New York, read for Christine Amour-Levar D3.0 “Finding Your Profession of the Heart.”

Jocelyn Bernal, budget manager New York University’s College of Dentistry, read for Astrid S. Tuminez, Ph.D.: D1.0: “A Filipina in a Word, a Filipina in the World.”

Loida Nicolas Lewis, Marily Mondejar, and Maria Beebe
show off the three DISRUPT books
Marily gives a copy of DISRUPT 3.0 to Consul General
Claro S. Cristobal

Other readers included: Joanne Michelle Ocampo, project director, Georgetown University and Advisor, Norwegian Institute of Public HealthGlobal (FWN100(tm)(tm)2017) who read “The Dynamics of Defining Success and Failure; “Lirio Sobreviñas-Covey, PhD, Columbia University (Global FWN100(tm)2013) who read D1.0: “Letter to a Young Filipina; “Lita Abele, President and CEO, US Lumber, who read (US FWN100(tm)2009), Global FWN100(tm) 2017 D2.0: “Going Against the Grain;” Loida Nicolas Lewis, Chair, Reginald F. Lewis Foundation (US FWN100(tm)2007, Global FWN100(tm) 2013) who read D1.0: “Ora et Labora: A Girl Named Loida from Sorsogon;” Myrna Young, Nursing Education Specialist, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (Global FWN100(tm) 2017) who read D3.0: “Big Dreams, Broken Glass;” and Rebecca Murry Architect and Math Coach, United Nations International School (Global FWN100(tm)2017) who read D3.0: “Redefining Pathways.”

FWN DISRUPTors and Philippine Consulate General
Guest Reader Joycelyn Berla reads for Astrid Tuminez

Hydra Mendoza, deputy chancellor for Community Empowerment, Partnerships, and Communications New York, Department of Education (US FWN100(tm)(tm)2009, Global FWN100(tm) 2013), gave a keynote speech that shared her life history and how her thinking and values remain the same no matter when she goes. Following Hydra’s speech, Loida Nicolas Lewis facilitated a leadership chat.

Hydra Mendoza looking back on her leadership trajectory
Leadership chat with Hydra and Loida

Hydra’s key takeaways are:

“Keep my values in check.

“Don’t compromise on the things that are important to me.

“There is a difference between engagement and empowerment.

“Know when to step up and lean in and also know when to hang back and be supportive. Find time to reflect, to think about how I could have done something differently…better.

“Take advice and criticism as lessons and recommit to being a life-long learner.

“Be someone’s spark by inspiring them. Show them what fire looks like by being action and solution-oriented.”

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